Lithium Golf Trolley Battery Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy the 18 hole battery or the 36 hole battery?

The Little Miracle 18 hole battery has been designed to always complete an 18 hole round of golf however it will complete up to 27 holes on most golf trolleys on most courses, depending on the terrain and length of the course. If you have a single motored non braked trolley and would normally only play 18 holes at a time the 18 hole battery will be fine. For golfers that regularly play 36 holes in the same day, the larger Little Miracle 36 hole battery is recommended. If you have a twin motored remote control trolley, or a trolley with an electronic or direct drive brake system you should buy the Little Miracle 36 hole battery.Please be aware that you are unlikely to get 36 holes from any battery on a twin motored trolley. If you are in any doubt please contact us on 01242 621548 and we will be happy to help.

Will the Little Miracle battery fit my trolley?

Yes, the Little Miracle batteries have been specifically designed to fit in the battery holder of any 12 volt electric golf trolley currently on the market. If your trolley currently uses an 18 hole or 36 hole lead acid battery it will take a Little Miracle battery.

Will a Little Miracle battery power my trolley?

If your trolley currently uses a 12 volt Lead acid battery, whatever capacity, then the Little Miracle battery will work fine. The Little Miracle has been developed to be a direct “drop-in” replacement for any 12 volt battery currently used in golf whether it's an 18 or 36 hole capacity battery. You should not replace other types of lithium batteries such as lithium manganese batteries with the Little Miracle battery as different types of lithium batteries do not have the same characteristics and you may cause damage.

How do I connect a Little Miracle battery to my trolley?

The Little Miracle batteries are supplied with an integral interconnect ‘T-Bar' or interconnect connector. If your trolley requires a Torberry connector system the Little Miracle battery can be very easily converted by fitting the Torberry connector directly to the screw terminals or by fitting a T-Bar to Torberry adapter into the interconnect housing. You can also attach any other type of connector to the screw terminals should you have an unusual fitting.

If I use a Little Miracle battery, can I still use my old Lead Acid battery?

Yes you can because the Little Miracle battery is designed to work just like a lead acid battery. There are no modifications or changes required to your trolley to use a Little Miracle battery. You are able to change between a lead acid battery and a Little Miracle battery at any time.

Can I use my old Lead Acid battery charger?

No, the Little Miracle battery is a LiFePO4 or Lithium Phosphate battery. The charging requirements are very different to a lead acid battery. That is why every Little Miracle battery is supplied with its own custom made battery charger and uses a separate independent charging port on the battery.

How long will a Little Miracle battery last?

This will depend on many factors, like how often you play, the weight of your golf bag, the type of golf course you play, the age of your trolley etc. In controlled testing, Little Miracle batteries have exceeded well over 2000 cycles. What you can be sure of, is that whatever a lead acid battery achieves on your trolley a Little Miracle battery will last you much much longer. For the average golfer playing twice a week every week, with a single motored trolley you can look forward to well over 4 years of powered golf. To show how confident we are, every Little Miracle battery comes with a performance rated 2 year or 2000 rounds guarantee, whichever comes first.

Isn’t a 16Ah battery a bit small to play a full round of golf with?

A 16Ah lead acid battery would be. But this is a LiFePO4 battery (Lithium Phosphate). Lithium batteries behave in a very different way to lead acid batteries. They have a much higher power density. That is to say you can get much more power out of the same volume. That’s why a lithium battery can be so much smaller than a lead acid battery. Also lithium batteries can withstand much higher discharge rates. So you can pull out more power faster than a lead acid battery. Most importantly, the discharge curve of a lithium battery is very flat compared to the discharge curve of a lead acid battery. This means the lithium battery can be much smaller as it maintains its discharge rate during a full round of golf. It dose not need to be over sized to compensate for its loss of discharge rate during a full round of golf.

How long will it take to charge a Little Miracle battery?

With the dedicated Little Miracle battery charger, from fully flat to fully charged, it will take no more than 4 hours! How can I maximise the life of a Little Miracle battery? The Little Miracle battery can be damaged by improper use, just as any other battery can. However, with its micro processer controlled, built in ‘battery management system’ (BMS) it is a lot harder than with any other battery. The BMS will primarily protect the battery against over charging and over discharging during use, and ensure it is always working at maximum efficiency. But it will not protect against the worst thing you can do to any battery, and that is leaving it in a discharged state for any length of time. The best way to look after a Little Miracle battery is to charge it as soon as possible after every use.

What should I do with my Little Miracle battery if I don’t use it for a long time?

If storing a battery for up to 4 months it is quite acceptable to fully charge the battery at the beginning of the storage period, disconnected from the charger and store in a dry environment (LiFeP04 batteries have a very low self discharge rate). Only recharging the battery just before it is to be used again. Its worth noting, that LiFeP04 batteries have a very low self discharge rate.

Are Lithium batteries are dangerous?

Some lithium batteries can be under certain situations. There are many different lithium compounds used in batteries. The Little Miracle battery is a LiFeP04 compound battery or Lithium Phosphate battery. This type of battery is recognised as the safest form of Lithium battery as, unlike other compounds, it does not suffer from a phenomenon know as “thermal run away”. A condition whereby a battery on charge or discharge can destroy itsself through internal heat generation caused by high overcharge or high rate of discharge or other abusive conditions including impact damage. This is why LiFeP04 chemistry batteries are the lightweight battery of choice for electric vehicle manufacturers.

What happened if I only part discharge my Little Miracle battery?

Little Miracle lithium phosphate Batteries do not suffer from any “memory effect” unlike some other high technology batteries. If a Little Miracle battery is only part discharged the only result is that it will charge faster! There will be no damage done.

Can I buy a Little Miracle battery from outside the UK?

Yes, we can send to most of Europe. You can order direct from the web site or contact us on 0044(0)1242 621548 for full details and carriage charges.